Olive Grove

Visit the 400-year-old family owned olive mill and experience a step back in time to the days of handmade olive oil. See the antique tools, instruments and pictures from centuries gone by. Sample homemade cheese, smoked ham (prosciutto), and Rakija (regional spirit, not for the faint hearted).

Attractions of Montenegro

Crossing Boka Bay

Fantastic photo opportunities as you travel the across the bay from Kamenari to Lepetane where this ferry service has been operating since 1898.

It is estimated that during the summer months of June to October approximately 1 million vehicles use this 24/7 service.

Once across and on to the Tivat side of the Bay there will be other locations where you will have moments to take more photos from another perspective of this spectacular bay as we head towards the Olive Grove.

The House of Stojkovic – Stari Mlin

Family owned and operated for over 400 years this is a working olive grove. Their techniques have had to evolve over the years, but we are privileged to be able to step back in time to learn of this ancient art of extracting oil from olives.

Our host will provide a true taste of Montenegro by offering you homemade prosciutto, cheese, wine and Rakija (for the brave hearted) then of course olive oil for you to dip your bread.


St Andrew Orthodox Church

A short walk up from the House of Stojkovic, St Andrew Church presents you with a beautiful panoramic view of Boka Bay with the stunning Orjen mountains* as a natural backdrop. This perspective of the bay along with a cool breeze on a hot day makes for a sense of tranquillity and discovery of self.

The perfect way to finish off this tour and enjoy a comfortable drive back to your hotel.

*Highest peak in the sub-adriatic region at 1894m.

What to Expect

  • Drive onboard the famous Kamenari ferry to cross Boka Bay to the Lustica peninsula.
  • Photo opportunities available as you drive to the olive grove at an elevation of 250m above sea level.
  • Arrive at the House of Stojkovic (Stari Mlin - old oil mill) to the historic 400 years of olive oil production.
  • Enjoy home-made cheese, prosciutto and wine, and for the brave hearted a sip of Rakija.
  • Visit the church of St Andrew where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Bay.
  • At a moderate pace, it is perfect for all ages.
  • Recommended in small numbers: private limousine 2-3 people, or executive van 4-7 people.
  • Duration can be approximately 5 hours.


  • Camera, sunglasses, hat and sun screen.
  • Comfortable walking shoes. Heels are not recommended as there will be gravel/stone pathways.
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