Delights of the Sea

Sample fresh oysters & muscles straight from the Adriatic to your plate; enjoy a glass of wine, beer or sparkling water as you appreciate the fruit of the deep blue Adriatic Sea.

Attractions of Montenegro


The Narrowest Section of the Bay

Verige is exceptionally deep but extremely narrow, used for centuries to protect Kotor & Perast this section of the bay was equipped with a huge underwater chain that would be lifted to just below the water level when enemy ships threatened attack; their hulls being ripped from under them they would swiftly sink and deter the remaining fleet hence battles were avoided and this part of the bay thrived without threat. Today the chain has been removed much to the relief of the many cruise ship captains who birth at Kotor as they continue along their Adriatic adventures.

Our Lady of the Rocks

This man-made island on the Adriatic coast was built after a sailor found a painting of Mary washed up on the rocks, which now make up the foundation of this island. Where did this painting come from? Locals began the task of constructing an island to build a monastery which would house this precious painting. Each year a festival is held for local fishermen to drop rocks along the island perimeter thereby ensuring the longevity of this sacred place.

Exclusive Oyster & Mussel Farm

The practice of growing Oysters & Mussels can be traced back to the Romans in the 1st Century. This is truly a unique culinary and cultural experience for oyster lovers where the flavours of the Adriatic will dance on your palette.

Don’t expect an a-la-carte surrounding as this is a working farm and the owner has graciously allowed us to take a select few to enjoy these delights of the sea along with a hands-on understanding of the ancient art of aquaculture.

What to Expect


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