Kingdoms & Faith

Centuries of conquering nations and the legacy of those dedicated to the faith of God, this tour takes you to legendary sites where the remanence of powerful nations still stand today side by side with the everlasting monuments of the faithful.

Attractions of Montenegro

Spanjola Fortress

Home to over 600 Spanish soldiers placed there after ousting the Turkish armies only to be overrun themselves several years later by an overwhelming Ottoman fleet. Such was the saying – the spoils go to the victor.

The Herceg Novi region changed conquerors several times until the 19th century when the Austrian armies were themselves expelled by a rejuvenated and young united country known as The Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, the fortress needs some funding for restoration but the view from its walls are unmatched.

Medieval Clock Tower

Turkish built in 1667, this time piece has been lovingly restored over the years. The original mechanical time piece only recently was replaced in 1985 to an electronic mechanism- the original was still operational until it’s replacement. The tower was the main gateway from the expanded new section of city to the old town; some of the original fortified walls still exists and can be seen as you walk from Kanli Kula fortress to the clock tower.

Many wedding photos have been taken from the stairs immediately in front of this iconic clock.


Savina Monastery

Built around 1466 and possibly the most famous monastery in the Bay, there are actually three churches on its grounds. The church houses many relics dating back to 1030A.D. and may be viewed only, cameras are not allowed. The fertile grounds which surround the monastery is home to ‘Savina Winery’ an international recognised producer of fine wines.

The winery is not part of this experience but can be arranged separately as part of a wine tasting experience.

What to Expect


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