Stone Village

Built all by hand entirely from locally quarried stone, this 15th century village has stood through numerous earthquakes and wars to now become a living museum for us to enjoy.

Attractions of Montenegro

Entirely Out of Stone

This charming and unique village in Žlijebi located high above Herceg Novi has been completely preserved to allows us to step out of the 21st century and experience the lifestyle of 15th century mountain life. The natural properties of the locally quarried flagstone meant the occupants would keep warm in winter and cool in summer. These structures have stood the test of time, two world wars and many earthquakes, yet here they are for us all to enjoy!

Monastery of St Nikola (Nicholas)

A short walk from the village and you will discover the Orthodox church of St Nikola, built in the 16th century the structure is also entirely made of stone and has the characteristic of reflecting the sun’s rays to glisten in the day light.

Little wonder why this location was chosen as the perfect place to build a house of faith and in remembrance of the faithful St Nicholas who selflessly cared for the poor and disadvantaged – see for yourself.

Breathtaking Views

Take a moment, say not a word and allow the peacefulness of this mountain view to embrace you and refresh your soul.  This is what makes it easy to appreciate why Boka Bay has been rated amongst the top 10 bays in the world. The tranquil waters of the Adriatic flow, with hardly a ripple, into this natural enclave.

With a keen set of eyes and a on a clear sunny day you will see the faint coast line of Italy on the horizon.

What to Expect


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