Wine Tasting

Bringing back the traditional taste of Boka bay, Savina Winery (named after the nearby Monastery dating back to 1030 AD) is an 1830 estate and originally produced wines that were not for sales.


Castel Savina

“The story of Savina winery is really a story of an estate, of a monastery and of our family. Many years ago, we stumbled upon an old Venetian Land Registry map dating from 1753 in the city museum.

We discovered that our estate was called Villa di Meljine, with the entire stretch of Savina planted in vineyards, and we knew what we had to do…”

– Zoran Obradovic from the Book “Najbolje Vinarije Ex-Yu”

Award Winning & Internationally Recognised

“Our wines appeared on the market only in 2014. Until that point, other winemakers envied us for not having to sell our wine – we made it for ourselves and our friends in smaller quantities, simply because we really enjoyed it.

We are now still not burdened with any great expectations; our goal is to stay small and make wines for the Bay of Kotor, the coast and only a little bit for our friends in Belgrade, a total of no more than 20,000 bottles.”

Doesn’t Get Any Better…

Blue skies, a cool breeze, full flavoured wine, a mouth-watering platter of fresh homemade delights and someone you love next to you to share this moment… it doesn’t get any better than that.

Reward yourself with 170-degree views of this spectacular bay, the glistening Adriatic waters providing a natural sceptical to enrich your senses; come see for yourself why Boka Bay has been internationally recognised as one of the top 10 natural bays in the world.

What to Expect


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